875 Notre Dame Avenue | M1(8) Light Industrial

Property Information - 875 Notre Dame Avenue

Four separate buildings, 26 500 sq.ft. total, M1(8) Light Industrial

This M1(8) Light Industrial property is located on a high traffic boulevard in central Sudbury. The property was acquired in November of 2011. The complex consists of four separate buildings with a total square footage of 26 500, and ten existing tenants. After possession, the property was carefully analyzed and as a result, major renovations to one building (complete exterior-walls and roof) and a series of more minor renovations were undertaken in order to raise this property to our high standard. The complex is a mix of commercial offices, restaurant, garage and warehousing.

  • 875 Notre Dame One
  • 875 Notre Dame Two
  • 875 Notre Dame Three
  • 875 Notre Dame Four
  • 875 Notre Dame Five
  • 875 Notre Dame Six

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